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Retired commercial vehicle insurance

Keep your client’s old-time fire truck or bus on the road with specialty coverage through Hagerty.

Blue collector commercial truck on a road, with shipping containers in the background.

Retired Commercial Vehicles

Retired fire trucks, semi-tractor/trailers, busses, dump trucks and other commercial vehicles can qualify for our program provided they are appropriately stored and not used for any utility-type purposes. To qualify for our program, retired commercial vehicles must meet the following requirements:

  • 25 years and older
  • Minimum value for semi-tractor/trailers is $3,500
  • Must be in good condition unless under active restoration
  • No ownership by municipalities, clubs or other non-profit organizations
  • No commercial usage
  • State licensing requirements for Semi-tractor/trailers must be met
  • Semi-tractor/trailers cannot be considered in CA , GA, NY, TX, MA, UT and VA unless the vehicle has collector plates
A red collector semi truck parked on concrete, with a wooden fence and trees in the background.
1949 Ford Semi
A yellow collector school bus parked in a driveway, with a tree and buildings in the background.
1941 Ford School Bus
A white and green collector milk truck.
1965 Divco Milk Truck

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