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Military vehicle insurance

Insure your client’s retired Jeep or tank with coverage built to last.

Classic Military Vehicles

Older military vehicles are becoming increasingly popular among collectors. To qualify for our program, a military vehicle must meet the following requirements:

  • Military vehicles should be 20 years and older
  • Minimum insured value is $3,500
  • No off-road driving
  • Battle re-enactments can be considered when the vehicle is mostly stationary
  • De-militarized (armaments removed or disabled)
  • Vehicles should not be primarily used for hauling or towing
A green collector military jeep with a mounted gun, parked indoors.
1965 Jeep CJ5
A dark green military vehicle in a parking lot, with bushes and a building in the background.
1971 Volvo TP21 Sugga
A collector military truck with a canvas cover, parked indoors.
1952 Dodge M37

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