Living the Hagerty Way

We live our values through the Hagerty Way, a series of maxims designed to shape our culture.

  • We take care of each other first
  • We focus on doing the right things the right way
  • We strive to make Hagerty a world-class company, culture and brand
  • We expect measurable, best-in-class results
  • We fuel client’s ownership and engagement, and promote the cultural value of collecting
  • We are good partners
  • We are good and visible citizens in our communities

In other words…

Here's what the Hagerty Way means to our employees:

Listening is key."

-Jason | Digital Commerce

We’re empowered to do and say the right thing, even if it doesn’t make us the most money. We’re empowered to be honest."

-Andrew | Auto Sales & Service

You have to meet the client on their level. Whether it’s the person who just wants to talk to somebody or the one who’s on their way to work and in a hurry, it’s important to adjust to either scenario and have an efficient and meaningful conversation. Too often a client calls a company and gets a scripted almost automated response. The personal experience goes a long way.”

-Cody | Auto Sales & Service

It’s genuine, consistent behavior from the top down. It’s Kim and McKeel, it’s HR, it’s just the way it is. Everyone is respectful of each other and that goes a long way."

-JoAnn | Auto Sales & Service

Working with positive and supportive people inspires me to be a better person."

-Lisa | Private Client Services

Helping clients and others in the company is the whole reason for my job."

-Christina | Client Account Processing

In today’s world, it’s important to slow things down a bit. Take an extra minute with people – it goes a long way and people remember it. Take the extra time to listen and care.”

-Bev | Agent Marketing