Our People

Meet the CEO

McKeel Hagerty

CEO of Hagerty

McKeel Hagerty is a hands-on leader who truly cares about cars, collectors and the employees of Hagerty.

How did you get involved with collector cars?
Cars and wooden boats were always a part of my family growing up and my dad always had multiple projects going in the garage. From the time I could walk my dad would have me in the garage helping him and handing him tools. When I was 13 we restored a rather rough and severely rusted 1967 Porsche 911S that was my first car. I still own that car today.

What's your dream car?
I've always lusted after an Aston Martin and would love to have a DB4.

We are in the business to help classic car owners get the most enjoyment possible out of their cars"

How do you use your car knowledge at Hagerty?
My knowledge and passion about cars is what drives innovation at Hagerty beyond our core product of insurance. We are in the business to help classic car owners get the most enjoyment possible out of their cars and being a car guy myself that actively participates in many events throughout the year gives me an inside view of what car owners want.

Why are cars important?
I love the feeling you get while driving classic cars and believe the cars people drive are an outward representation of who they are and who they want to be.

How have cars affected your relationships?
Some of the greatest relationships in my life are with people I met within the automotive industry. It is a diverse community of people who all share a common passion and is centered around fun activities. There are few strangers in the car world. Also, it is through this crazy world of cars that I met the woman of my dreams who later became my wife!

Meet the Specialist

Part of what makes Hagerty special is in-house expert knowledge. The Hagerty specialists offer a level of understanding and service that can't be matched by our competitors. Meet some of our specialists below.

Meet Our Regional Territory Managers

We’re always looking for ways to connect with our clients and agents, which is why we created an on-the-ground team of Hagerty representatives based in major cities across the country. Our regional territory managers can be found at car shows, club meetings, and just about any other event – small or large – involving classics. They’re also on hand to talk or meet with you and answer questions about who are as a company and the products and services we offer – and most importantly, how we can best help you. Connect with a territory manager in your area HERE.